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Sept 12 Platoon Recruitment Mixer

Cannaware, in collaboration with Drip BK, is hosting a Platoon Recruitment Mixer on Tuesday, Sept 12th from 5-9pm at Drip BK – 830 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226. Stop by and learn more about Cannaware’s Platoon of volunteers, get your questions answered, and receive information about the benefits available to members while having a good time with the team and our supporters!

Tickets are FREE, but RSVP is required to attend. If you’re interested in attending, RSVP below

Attendees will have the opportunity to:

Learn more about Cannaware

Since 2017 Cannaware has been working to bridge the gap between New York’s underserved communities and the cannabis industry. Learn more about our history and meet the team.

Learn about Cannaware's Platoon

Learn about the benefits and perks you will receive as a Platoon member, as well as $ and exclusive rewards opportunities

Check out our Supporters

Come meet our supporters and learn about what those who have been supporting us through the years have to offer.

Receive Giveaways

Enjoy some free giveaways from Cannaware and our Supporters

We will be doing on-site recruitment interviews, so please bring your resume or one-page cover letter about your skills, interest and experiences if you have one. Fill out our form in advance and receive a free gift at check in. Join the Platoon on-site and receive your deployment kit!

Please note: if you join the Platoon, it will be as a volunteer; however, you will have the opportunity to receive commission from projects that generate profits, as well as access to industry resources, exclusive rewards and perks.

Why Join The Platoon?

There are many of us who seek guidance or a support system in our path to success, and although success is relative to our personal goals, none of us want to succeed alone. At Cannaware, we aim to provide mutual support for our community and our members.

The Cannaware Platoon is a team of community members who volunteer to spread awareness by engaging within communities on the latest cannabis community news, products, and opportunities available as we continue to bridge the gap between all underserved communities and the cannabis industry. 

As Platoon members assist with this mission, we offer our resources and network to help them develop their own endeavors, or find their groove in this space and grow. 

  • Are you passionate about cannabis culture?
  • Are you looking for a support system to help you navigate the cannabis industry?
  • Are you interested in bringing cannabis education and social events to your community?
  • Are you interested in participating in cannabis social events and travel experiences?
  • Are you looking to expand your cannabis network or brand?
  • Are you an innovator, creator, or just wanting to be a part of something great?


If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then that’s enough reason for you to join the Platoon. You’ll have the opportunity to volunteer alongside a collective of like-minded individuals and be a part of unforgettable experiences in your city and across the globe while making a positive impact in your community and developing your endeavors


Drip Bk

Drip Bk is Brooklyn born Caribbean coffee company serving our community for 4 years. We roast our
own coffee and have amazing signature coffee drinks. This is a acknowledged owned coffee shop with
the roots of our culture being Haitian.

Cannabis NYC

The NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) launched Cannabis NYC to support the development of a thriving and equitable cannabis industry with first-of-its-kind support for aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs. Through strategic outreach, public engagement, business services, and advocacy efforts, Cannabis NYC will support the creation of good jobs, successful small businesses, and sustainable economic opportunity to address historic harms of cannabis prohibition.

Falcon Rappaport & Berkman PLLC

FRB Cannabis Group chaired by Andrew Cooper, Esq, provides legal and consulting services to cannabis, CBD and hemp companies, as well as to ancillary businesses, investors, governmental agencies, and advocacy groups

Honeysuckle Media

Honeysuckle Media (Honeysuckle Magazine) is an award-winning, woman-owned media company
focusing on gender and sexuality, racial politics, culture and cannabis. Honeysuckle has been instrumental in creating new avenues of media coverage, creative expression, and landmark campaigns around
socially-conscious issues.

Cannabis Workforce Initiative

Cannabis Workforce Initiative promote and facilitate workforce solutions and programs that provide opportunities for individuals to build soft and technical skills, gain work experience, and enhance job readiness.

Curved Papers

Patented Curved® Papers are made with the finest French paper and are unique with the innovative easy to roll curved edge. Available in Rice, Rice King, and Hemp King.

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Would you like to help make a difference in your community?

Are You Interested In Helping To Educate Your Community About The Cannabis Industry And The Many Benefits The Plant Have To Offer? Than Be Apart Of A Team That Is Taking Action To Make A Positive Impact In Communities And Ensure Everyone Has Affordable Access. Fill Out The Sign-Up Form Via The Link Below And We Will Follow Up With You.