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The Impact of Cannabis in Food, Fitness, and Sex

Join us on Sunday October 29 from 1-5pm at Manila Joe’s – 61-08 Myrtle Ave, Queens, NY 11385 for our 7th Annual Cannabis is Medicine Fundraiser. This year we present The Impact of Cannabis in Food, Fitness, and Sex. We are bringing together experts from different fields within Cannabis,  Health and Wellness for an insightful discussion and interactive activities. 

This event will enlighten our community about the benefits of Cannabis in relation to aspects of our lives such as physical health, nutrition, sexual health, and overall well being.

Tickets are FREE, but RSVP is required to attend. If you’re interested in attending, RSVP below

For decades, cannabis consumers have been battling the stereotype of being a “lazy stoner.”  This stereotype brings to mind a slacker who sinks into the couch, only getting up between commercial breaks to raid the fridge in search of munchies. Today, the liberalization of cannabis laws across the United States has generated further interest within the medical and scientific communities to do proper research. This research is helping to uncover valuable conclusions about cannabis’s impact on all aspects of well-being and changing society’s attitude towards the plant. 

In a survey from Frontiers of Public Health of 605 Cannabis users (creatively named “The New Runner’s High?”), as many as 81.7% of participants endorsed consuming Cannabis with exercise. The majority of these users cited specific benefits such as increased motivation, enhanced enjoyment, and a more rapid recovery. Additionally, 37.5% claimed it improved their performance. This type of information is going to help change the negative narrative around cannabis users.  

Not only can it help with physical health, but evidence suggests cannabis can provide benefits for your sexual health as well. According to a new study in the Journal of Cannabis Research titled “The influence of cannabis on sexual functioning and satisfaction”, by Amanda Moser, a Denver-based sexologist specializing in combining cannabis and sex, over 800 adults who’ve used cannabis found greater perceived sexual functioning and satisfaction regardless of age or gender: More than 70% of people said using cannabis before sex increased desire and improved orgasms. Another 62.5% said cannabis enhanced their pleasure while masturbating. 

Speaking of being kind to your body, we must acknowledge that inhaling any type of smoke into your lungs is harmful. There are so many different ways to ingest cannabis that are kinder to your body while still achieving one’s desired goals.  Tinctures, oils, salves, and edibles offer a smoke-free alternative to those seeking to avoid the potentially harmful effects of inhaling smoke while still enjoying all the medical benefits cannabis has to offer. No matter how you choose to use cannabis, make sure you consult a doctor who is knowledgeable about cannabis and your health to avoid any complications, or interactions with other medications you may be taking.

Our goal for this event is to break the stigma and help educate the community on the plethora of benefits Cannabis can have on your physical and sexual health, as well as nutrition.  

In addition to providing education and raising awareness, we use this opportunity to support and help raise funds for patient advocacy groups and medical organizations that are working to provide inclusive and accessible quality healthcare and research. For this year’s fundraiser, we’re supporting  The Center of Inner Transformations, an outpatient mental health, substance use, abuse, addiction, and wellness counseling and treatment practice that incorporates the use of alternative tools and treatment methods. COIT provides traditional therapy and counseling alongside alternative methods that are drawn from a variety of Westernized and old-age theories.  For more details on how you can support, please visit

Annual Cannabis is Medicine Fundraiser

Our annual Cannabis is Medicine Fundraiser aims to spread awareness about medicinal cannabis’s impact as complementary alternative medicine in medical treatment, pain and wellness management, and stress relief, which all help improve our overall quality of life. In addition to spreading awareness, we also use this opportunity to support and help raise funds for patient advocacy groups, wellness groups, and medical organizations working to provide inclusive and accessible healthcare, wellness support, and medicinal cannabis research.

Please join us on Sunday, October 29 from 1-5pm at Manila Joe’s – 61-08 Myrtle Ave, Queens, NY 11385 for a day of activities and discussions surrounding how cannabis collaborates with food, fitness, and sex. Tickets are FREE, but RSVP is a must. 



Samantha Martins

Samantha Martins is a Queer Afro-Latina born and raised on Munsee Lenape and Wappinger land, aka The Bronx, NYC, who has many roles including Yoga teacher, storyteller, musician, and mental health and plant medicine conversationalist and advocate. Her work is centered around sharing the wisdom of different holistic wellness practices and philosophies and destigmatizing mental health issues and Cannabis use through conversation, education, and intentional use. She seeks to educate, elevate, and empower people by sharing the tools of Yoga, plant medicine, self-inquiry, storytelling, and the musical arts for optimal mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Maurice Hinson profile pic
Founder & Executive Director of MediRootz Medical Group

Maurice Hinson

Maurice D. Hinson, MD is the Founder & Executive Director of MediRootz Medical Group, a telehealth-based primary care practice specializing in providing equitable access to high-value primary care. Dr. Hinson received his BA in Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University, his Medical Degree from Drexel University College of Medicine, and completed his residency in Internal Medicine at NewYork Presbyterian Weill Cornell. Dr. Hinson is also the Founder and advisor of the Black and Latino Men in Medicine, a network of students, trainees, faculty, and hospital administrators created to combat the precipitous decline of Black and Hispanic male physicians. His most recent academic interests involve the clinical application of cannabis for the prevention and management of chronic disorders like obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, depression, dementia, and cancer.

Founder of Brelixi & Food Scientist

Breanna Neff

A Cornell University alumna with a B.S. in Food Science & Technology, Business, Nutrition and Health, Breanna is a visionary Certified Food Scientist. Her journey includes pivotal roles at industry giants like Danone, Dannon, Evian, and Hydrant, where she honed her skills as a product developer, R&D engineer, and FDA compliance specialist. Now, fueled by a passion for cannabis, homeopathic remedies, and functional ingredients, Breanna has birthed brelixi. This innovative venture offers meticulously crafted, ready-to-mix drink blends that reimagine how we engage with cannabis. Brelixi not only reflects Breanna’s academic prowess and industry experience but also showcases her aim to destigmatize cannabis culture and elevate the user Experience. Relying on her scientific expertise, along with her profound drive for culinary innovation and holistic wellness, Breanna is setting new standards in the dynamic landscape of cannabis-infused consumables.

Coss Marte profile pic
Founder of CONBODY & Co-Founder of CONBUD

Coss Marte

In 2009, Coss Marte was sent to jail as the ringleader of a multi-million dollar drug operation. He was also grossly overweight and warned by his physician that his current lifestyle if left unchecked, would likely kill him. Faced with this grim prognosis, Coss started to get in shape using the tools he had — his prison cell and his own body weight. Within six months he lost 70 pounds and replicated his successful formula of body weight exercises with 20 other inmates. Then he launched CONBODY, a prison-style boot camp that has gained over 70,000+ clients and has hired 50+ formerly incarcerated individuals to teach fitness classes. Today Coss co-founded a non-profit organization called Second Chance Studios, which trains and helps employ formerly incarcerated individuals to become experts in audio engineering, video production, and podcasting. In addition, he launched CONBUD, which is looking to hire formerly incarcerated individuals who have been affected by the war on drugs to build a personal and impactful presence in the cannabis market in New York State through dispensaries that he’s looking to open under the NYS conditional licensing program.

Sexuality Educator & Tough Love Relationship Coach

Dakota Ramppen

Dakota Ramppen is a multifaceted individual known for her unique blend of expertise in tough love relationship coaching, sexuality education, and the creation of innovative massage candles. With a passion for helping people navigate the complexities of their relationships, sexuality, and self-discovery, Dakota’s approach is both empowering and transformative. Dakota’s creativity extends to her handcrafted massage candles. These unique creations serve a dual purpose, providing both a sensual ambiance and an alluring massage experience. Infused with CBD and a blend of natural ingredients, these candles contribute to a relaxing and intimate atmosphere while offering an ideal opportunity for partners to connect and indulge in self-care.



Manila Joe profile pic
Manila Joe’s

Manila Joe’s is a cafe and cannabis consumption lounge featuring retro decor, a curated collection of vintage toys, and a gallery wall showcasing local artists. Located in Ridgewood, Queens, a 10-minute walk from the L and M trains.

Eighth Flower Cannatea profile pic
Eighth Flower Cannatea

Eighth Flower Cannatea specializes in the infusion of cannabis and tea. Providing products that offer a safer and healthier alternative to smoking cannabis. They advocate for cannabis consumers to ‘Sip Trees’, which is our way of encouraging people to enjoy the benefits of cannabis in a way that is enjoyable, convenient, and socially responsible.

Lock & Key Remedies

Lock & Key Remedies aims to bridge the gap between the scientific and medical communities and consumers looking for all-natural, safe, and effective alternatives to pharmaceutical medications. Based in Brooklyn, New York, They began developing their product lineup in 2016 and have continued evolving ever since.

Brelixi profile pic

Brelixi is where innovation meets passion. Their founder, Breanna Neff, draws on her expertise in food science, functional ingredients, and cannabis to create products that exceed industry standards. With breakthrough nano cannabis technology, Brelixi revolutionizing the way those interact with cannabis, offering a faster onset time with more perceivable effects. join them on their mission to provide highly functional experiential cannabis.

MediRootz profile pic

MediRootz is a telehealth-based practice specializing in the delivery of high-value primary care. Cannabis education and certification is one of its leading services given the paucity of providers who represent underserved communities and patients who are knowledgeable of its medicinal benefits.

Center of Inner Transformations profile pic
The Happy Clinic at the Center of Inner Transformations

The Happy Clinic at the Center of Inner Transformations is an alternative wellness clinic that incorporates the power of plant based healing alongside the wisdom of psychological treatment and intervention to treat mental health and substance abuse conditions. Founded in 2017, the clinic serves the greater New Jersey and New York City area’s with cutting edge and unconventional healing methods.

Kings Green

Kings Greens is locally produced in Kings Country Brooklyn. With pre-rolls made for the cannoisseur that doesn’t always have the time or inclination to roll their own

PDubz Bar4Twenty

Cannabis hospitality that feels like home!

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